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My Yahoo Account Is Hacked - What do I do?

There is nothing more devastating to find that someone has send out an unsolicited mail from your side or you have lost the access to your account. Hackers are responsible for both of the mentioned scenarios. While Yahoo! Mail has tried its hardest to curb the situation, hackers somehow still access the private information of the users. The reason behind this reckless access is two folds; the first one is the user’s own sluggishness when it comes to create an optimal password and secondly, a user’s unwillingness to establish a more robust security measure to their accounts. If you happen to be one of these users, then this is why your account was hacked.

Yahoo Support Australia Discusses What To Do When The Account Is Hacked

Before we go into the process of recovery, let us discuss hacking. There are two types of hackers, the mischief ones and the vengeful ones. The mischief ones get access to a user’s account, send out fraudulent emails from that place and leave it at that, while the vengeful hackers complete alter the security credentials of the account, and therefore restricting your access. Therefore in order to recovery the ID, you must recover the password. But there is not inherent way to recover the password, you must reset it. Go through the following process to Recover your Yahoo ID.

If You Suspect Hacking

  • Go to the Yahoo Homepage.
  • Sign in using your regular credentials.
  • If you are able to sign in, check if any unsolicited activity has taken place either through or to your inbox.
  • If yes to go the security settings.
  • Select the options to change the password.
  • Yahoo would now direct you to a change that asks you the reason to reset your password.
  • Select the option that says “My Account may have been compromised”.
  • Before accessing the security settings, you would have to enter your credentials one more time.
  • On the landing page, change your password.
  • Enter the captcha to confirm.

If You Cannot Access Your Email ID

  • Access the Yahoo homepage.
  • Try to sign in using your default credentials. If you are able to, then your pass code has been changed.
  • Click on the “Account recovery wizard” button.
  • You would now be directed to a page where you would have to choose between three options. Choose either sign in phone number, the recovery phone number or recovery email.
  • If you choose the recovery email, you would be sent a link to that email address.
  • From there, click on the link and reset the password.
  • If you choose the phone number, you would receive an OTP on the phone number.
  • Type in that code into the next page.
  • Reset your password to a stronger version this time.
  • Save changes and exit.

The given steps are easy to apply. But for future consideration, it would be better if you opt for a two-step authentication security layer. Fr information regarding to this you can Contact Yahoo Technical Support Australia on their number 1800-958-211. On a side not, if you are considering not applying the 2FA, make sure that this time you apply a strong password.